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Piano Tuning, Service, and Repair

Home Piano Servicing - Standard Call

Will take approximately 1.5 Hours.  Pianos maintained and serviced at least once a year will be able to be tuned and have a few minor adjustments made.  This keeps the piano serviceable.  More extensive maintenance and adjustments will be required at some point depending upon condition.

Home Piano Servicing - Extended Call

Will take approximately 2.5 hours. Pianos that have not been serviced in over a year most likely will require additional time and maintenance to return them to serviceable condition.  This usually includes bringing the string tension back to proper specifications and some minor adjustments.  Typically, this will extend the appointment by an hour over normal.  Repairs require additional time.

Home Piano Servicing - Comprehensive Call

Will take 4+ Hours. Whether your piano is new or not, whenever an instrument has become well-loved, restorative care and maintenance are essential.  These are the times when regulation, voicing and other aspects of piano care are a “must do”.   Some minor repairs would be included.

Piano Servicing to Venues

Services provided for studios, churches, educational, performance and concert venues. Maintenance plans are tailored to specific needs and schedules including regulation, voicing, repairs, and on-call emergencies. Musical temperaments of choice.

Certified Installer of Piano Life Saver Systems

The PIANO LIFE SAVER is a piano humidity control system. As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be more enjoyable to play and listen to while rewarding your fingers with a consistent, proper touch.

Bills’s Unique Approach


When the client’s preferred choice of time is not available through on-line scheduling, an email or phone call will take care of it.

All Problems Solved.

Because of Bill’s extensive professional network, whatever piano service you are needing can be provided.


Music is a life-long acquisition. Making instruments sound and perform their best is only the beginning.  Nothing compares with the joy of making music.  Encouraging that ability is one of our key endeavors.

Mentoring individuals in Piano Technology.

The field of piano technology is fascinating and rewarding.  Whether full time or part time employment is your goal, this profession provides life time learning and diagnostic challenges.  Getting to know both pianos and clients on a professional and personal level with the potential for year’s long interaction can be deeply satisfying musically and interpersonally.  As a mentor, Bill has led individuals into this field.  The opportunities available to Guild members is amazing.  We welcome your inquiries.


Piano and Voice Lessons

Sharing Our Love of Music

At The Piano Place we love music, we love to play music, and we love to help you do the same. We want you to play the music you enjoy and to help you learn the skills and enough theory to take you to the level you want to achieve.

We provide opportunities for you to share your love of music and your favorite pieces with your family and friends and with residents in our community nursing homes at recitals held in December and May. We hold two piano parties a year to share with one another the joy of music learning. Opportunities are also available to participate in piano activities, festivals and competitions. The decision to take advantage of these opportunities is left to each student and his or her family.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons cost $25 per half hour weekly lesson, $50 per hour lesson.

Students are expected to purchase their music through The Piano Place (about $50 per year depending upon how quickly the student progresses)

Lessons are usually weekdays in the afternoon or early evening. Home school students and adult lessons can be held during the morning or early afternoon.

How long do students need to practice in order to get the best results from piano lessons?

For beginning students practicing for 1/2 hour a day is recommended, 2 sessions of 15 minutes is actually better than one straight half hour. More advanced students and those taking hour lessons will need more practice. Playing on a piano, and not a keyboard, is best for developing hand muscles and coordination.

Lessons provide new concepts, guidance, suggestions for how and what to practice, and agreed upon goals, but most learning takes place during the week at home. Parental involvement and positive support is essential for children to get the most out of their practice time.


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