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How Do You Know If Your Piano Needs Tuning?

A piano that is in tune, will invite one to play, even as a beginner, but an out of tune piano will discourage even the most avid piano player from sitting down to play. You don’t need to be an avid player or technician to know if your piano needs tuning. There are 4 basic tests you can apply to your piano to know whether it is out of tune.

These 4 tests are listed on the right. Click here to download the complete details and instructions on all of these tests.

Is it at the Correct Pitch?

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Whether or not a piano is at the correct pitch depends on the vibration rate of test notes and how they compare to a standard rate of vibration. One commonly used test note is A-440 (or A4) which is the A in the octave above the middle C.

Are Single Notes in Tune With Themselves?

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Except for the lowest bass notes, every note on your piano has more than one string. The upper bass has two, and from there on up they have three. When a piano is in tune, each of the strings for any single note vibrate at the same frequency (pitch).

Do the Octaves Blend Into Each Other?

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When a piano is in tune the Octaves line up, such that when you play a series of octaves they blend into each other. An out of tune piano will not have this blending, and is obvious when playing with your left and right hands. The piano will have an unbalanced confusing sound.

Are Chords Harmonious?

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When a piano is in tune chords played will have a sweet, pure sound and will be pleasing to the ear. When a piano begins to go out of tune, even simple chords will begin to have sour sounds.

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Regular piano servicing will extend the life of your piano, we recommend at least twice a year.


Venue Servicing

Maintenance plans tailored for studios, churches, educational, performance and concert venues.



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